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Pikt&Chopt is the only shelf stable range of ‘cold blended’ fresh herbs and spices.

Our Story

Our family heritage is European where cooking is the heart and soul of the home. Using home grown herbs was accessible in the past, but now with modern day, fast-paced living, people require easier and more accessible seasonal herbs and spice varieties at hand.


After visiting Vietnam for several years and seeing all the fresh produce in the local markets we wanted to make the best herb and spice paste possible so we could capture the essence and aromatic flavours of herbs grown locally.


We at Pikt & Chopt were motivated to bring this fresh, garden taste to kitchens everywhere with less mess and wastage. We have encapsulated all the flavours of freshness in a handy pouch pack with no wastage and in an environmentally responsible manner.

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All Pikt and Chopt’s beautiful herbs were born without compromising any nutritious benefits. We found the best way to ensure all nutritional benefits are not compromised and, most importantly, the aromatic flavours and essential oils retain their colour aroma and taste.


Enjoy Cooking

Please view our paste range and recipes to cater to your creative inner-gourmet!


One of the reasons we at Pikt & Chopt chose Vietnam to establish our business is because the Vietnamese respect the principle of cooperating wholeheartedly with nature.

Like other responsible farmers all over the world, the Vietnamese employ crop rotation as a means of refreshing the soil that grows our products.

This rotation is a well-established practice that among its advantages, minimizes pest attacks and weed growth, allows our crops to be chemical-free, improves crop fertility and nutrient content whilst also minimizing the watering that supplements the abundant local rainfall. The costly labour of tillage is also minimized, which allows a price advantage for our products.

Community Care

The growing success of Pikt & Chopt provides valuable and increasing work for local communities who are paid fairly in line with Government guidelines. When designing Pikt & Chopt’s packaging we made our pouches from sustainable materials, thus reducing the volume of waste that goes to landfill.

We are constantly monitoring new processes and techniques to minimize the carbon footprint of Pikt & Chopt. The rewards of sustainability flow to each and every one of us because our land is respected and nurtured for todays and future generations.

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All Pikt & Chopt’s beautiful herbs are grown without compromising any nutritional benefits. We found the best way to ensure all nutritional benefits are kept and most importantly, the aromatic flavours and essential oils retain their colour, aroma and taste.

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Pikt & Chopt is a range of ready to use herbs and spices developed to release the creative gourmet in food preparation. The products are made from fresh & raw ingredients and are packaged in a paste form designed to maximize taste, texture and aroma.